Conversation Designer / Writer

Austin, Texas, United States


Who we are:

Conversable is a funded software startup working on a SaaS platform for building enterprise-class chat/voice bots. Our founding team has started and sold several companies, have worked at companies like Zynga, Yahoo, Demand Media (among many others), and are alumni of Princeton, UPenn, MIT, and Duke.

Our client list includes Fortune 1000 companies such as Pizza Hut, Whole Foods, Proctor & Gamble, Marvel, Wingstop, TGI Fridays (check out their Facebook Messenger chat bots!), partnerships with companies like EY, Booz Allen Hamilton and Olo.

What the role is:

As a Conversation Designer / Writer, you’ll be crafting creative and effective chatbot conversations that encompass a client’s vision and business requirements. It's a highly creative but also detail-oriented role in that conversations can go in many different directions with many subtleties.

Ideal applicants for this role will have a combination of skills: excellent writing skills, a creative mind, a knack for design-oriented details and the ability to explain how you arrived at your decisions.





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